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In winter, with very low temperatures, rain, wind, and of course snow, the temperatures inside your home can quickly go down. You will not feel very comfortable at home and your comfort will be severely tested. To avoid such disturbances, it’s best to check if your home is airtight and well insulated.

It all starts with quality caulking of your doors and windows. If both are well caulked and perfectly sealed, then your house will be much more watertight and will retain heat more easily. No more overheating your house and freezing breezes coming in through small cracks!

At Calfeutrage BPRS Inc., we have proven ourselves for many years in the city of Boucherville. Thanks to our experience in caulking, repairing windows and doors, we can offer you a high-quality service taking care of every little detail. Caulking is simply the act of closing the gaps in a door or window with a sealer so that cold air can not find its way inside your house, especially in the winter. That’s why caulking can enhance the comfort in your home.

In the end, you can save a lot of money on your heating bill throughout the year. It’s an ecological and economic action. As your house will be better insulated, external elements such as wind, cold or rain will no longer influence your indoor temperature.

At Calfeutrage BPRS Inc., we offer our services to individuals and professionals. We work for commercial and residential caulking in Boucherville.

When’s the time to change your caulking?

Although caulking can be kept for more than ten years, sometimes, over time and with poor quality products, its service life may be much shorter. At Calfeutrage BPRS Inc., we guarantee you high-quality sealant for durable caulking job.

However, uncontrollable factors can degrade your sealant. For example, if they are exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun all year long as well as to strong temperature variations such as the very low temperatures that can be known in winter in Boucherville. That’s why even high-end quality sealants can dry, crack or shrink over time.

Several symptoms can alert you. Your caulking joints may be cracked, peeled or torn. When you face this kind of problems, you must immediately call in a professional caulking expert since you are not immune to possible infiltration of water, air, and especially cold wind.

Because of our proven experience and our expertise in caulking, we can adapt to all types of work, whatever the support on which we must caulk.

In order to respect the law, we obviously follow all the standards in place concerning our activity! Your needs and requirements are of fundamental importance to our caulking company. For quality work and an aesthetic result, all you have to do is contact Calfeutrage BPRS Inc. in Boucherville.


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