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Breezes of cold air are coming in through your front door? Does water seep into your home when it’s raining? Don’t wait any longer ! Trust a caulking professional to repair your joints and ensure flawless insulation of your house.

Calfeutrage BPRS Inc. is a family business that has been working in Laval for 19 years for all your caulking job. Have the assurance of a perfect seal for your building by trusting the expertise of our professional team.

Commercial & Residential Caulking in Laval

Caulking is the act of closing and sealing holes and cracks, whether it’s a door, a window, or a sidewalk. For this, we use a sealer, adapted of course to the caulking area.

At Calfeutrage BPRS Inc., we work in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. We are able to do all the necessary work for you, even the most complex tasks.

The importance of a waterproof sealant

Our goal at Calfeutrage BPRS Inc. is to provide our customers with quality products and services. With us, you are assured of optimal insulation for your building in Laval.

For this, we offer a wide selection of sealants, which will fill in perfectly the joints, cracks and cavity of your home.

In order for the caulking to be effective, it’s essential to choose a sealant that is suitable for the surface to be protected and its environment.

Each material has a sealant, depending on whether the door or window is wood, aluminum or metal.

At Calfeutrage BPRS Inc., all our sealants are of excellent quality to guarantee you the best possible seal.

If your joints are not waterproof, they are loose or torn, don’t wait and call the best caulking company in Laval: Calfeutrage BPRS Inc.!

Installing metal spandrels for your windows

For even greater protection of your window seals, our company provides an installation service of metallic spandrels. In addition to offering maximum insulation, our spandrels stay in harmony with your windows and will perfectly adapt to their color.

Protecting your buildings is our priority at Calfeutrage BPRS Inc. Indeed, the problems of infiltration of air and water can have diverse consequences on your health and on or in your building as well. The water creates moisture, and this can cause all kinds of diseases such as asthma, especially for the youngest or the oldest. In addition, humidity can cause damage to your windows and doors, the appearance of stains, molds or fungi.

That’s why it’s important and necessary to hire a professional, such as Calfeutrage BPRS Inc., for all your waterproofing projects. We attach great importance to our work ethic, to the delight of our customers.

Don’t wait for air or water infiltration to reach the core of your building and contact Calfeutrage BPRS Inc. now! We work in Laval for all types of caulking work.



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