Door and Window Caulking in Montreal East

What is Caulking?

Caulking prevents cold air infiltration and heat loss in a building. The process is fairly simple; sealing fissures with a high-quality sealant is enough for the optimal insolation of your house. The proper draft-proofing of your doors and windows restricts the infiltration of bad winter weather like wind, cold and even water in your household. In this sense, it prevents exterior elements from influencing the interior temperature of a building.

To provide our customers with more complete services, we offer terms of service agreements in the caulking of sliding, wood and outdoors and indoors windows and doors as well as in the reparation of windows in the neighbourhood of Montreal East. Moreover, we can operate in both residential and commercial districts.

Our goal is to reestablish your comfort within your home and to ensure that its indoor temperature remains somewhat constant all year long thanks to the proper insolation. We aim to offer quality service and to never disappoint our customers. For this reason, our caulking company respects CNESST’s safety standards. In addition, we work with high-end caulking products to ensure optimal results in terms of door and window sealing.

To change your sealant is to reduce your monthly bills. Indeed, a simple one degree gain in your home temperature would signify a 7% in energy-saving. This renovation is an efficient way of saving money on your heating budget every year but also to considerably improve your comfort on the daily.

Quality Caulking

Don’t forget to get your sealant verified by a professional before changing your windows or doors. You might not need to spend significant sums on renovations; you might only need to change your seals.

Calfeutrage BPRS Inc. chooses to work with high-quality products for our customers’ renovations. Our sealants are neatly installed and form a powerful barrier against humidity, air and water to preserve the coziness of your home all year long!

Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we can make a quick diagnosis by visiting your building in Montreal East. Promptly, a complete evaluation, as well as a cost estimate, will be established and we will be able to operate at your house for draft-proofing services.

Our caulking company will easily replace your sealant for better insolation and hermeticity. Thanks to this small intervention, the temperature will be more pleasant and your comfort will be increased.

When in doubt about the quality of your sealant, contact professionals like our team at Calfeutrage BPRS Inc. for a quick diagnosis. We offer caulking services with high-quality sealants for your comfort in the area of Montreal East.

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