Window and Door Caulking in Montreal North

Worried about leaking seals? Contact us at Calfeutrage BPRS! Since 1999, our team of experts in draft-proofing operates in all caulking renovations. Thanks to our professionalism, quality work and optimal results are guaranteed.

Caulking Services in Montreal North

At Calfeutrage BPRS Inc., we have been experts in caulking renovations for many generations. We work in industrial, commercial and residential areas and will respond to your expectations on any project.
We intervene in interior tasks like door and window caulking; we are mindful of the importance of having a perfectly weatherproof residence to be protected against water and air infiltration. We also intervene on exterior tasks like the installation of window seals as well as the reparation of sidewalk and road fissures.
For these types of renovations, contact an experimented company like Calfeutrage BPRS Inc. to ensure that the tasks at hand are properly executed.

The Importance of a Quality Sealant

To caulk your building’s seals and ensure their hermeticity, one needs to use a sealant.

The latter can be made of various materials. The choice of that material will depend on the desired utility and on the area to seal. At Calfeutrage BPRS Inc., we also offer specialized sealants like the acoustic and fireproof sealants.

It is important and necessary to choose a sealant adapted to your situation for optimal hermeticity. For this reason, we strongly advise you to contact a professional to help choose the sealant that suits your needs.

Installation of Metallic Window Sills in Montreal North

With time and bad weather, your building can be damaged and fissures can appear around your windows.

This can influence the level of water and air infiltration in your house. Nobody wishes for the cold winds of winter to enter their household.

To prevent these types of problems from happening, Calfeutrage BPRS Inc. can install metallic window sills on your windows.

Thanks to this durable and impervious product, the tightness of your seals is guaranteed. Indeed, sometimes a sealant isn’t enough to prevent water and air infiltration. For this reason, metallic window sills are an excellent way to keep your building draft-proof while preserving the elegance of your windows.

Contact a Professional

Caulking allows the sealing of fissures to make a construction draft-proof. Thanks to this action, we prevent water and air infiltration in buildings.

If this isn’t done, it could mean disastrous consequences for your building. Indeed, more fissures, mushrooms, mould and other unsightly stains could appear and cause further deterioration of your building.

Furthermore, water infiltration can cause humidity problems in your housing, which can be harmful to the health of its inhabitants.

For this reason, it is essential to get your seals caulked by professionals such as Calfeutrage BPRS.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we can operate on all your caulking projects in North Montreal.

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