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At Calfeutrage BPRS Inc., we make our customers’ satisfaction a top priority. Thanks to our high-end caulking products, we can guarantee absolute insolation of your doors and windows. To have a safe and warm house in the city of Outremont, it is essential that its caulking is properly installed.

In practical terms, caulking is the action of sealing the frames of windows and doors to prevent winter temperatures from invading your home. Although relatively easy to do, the expertise of a professional is necessary to guarantee optimal isolation and clean-looking results. Thanks to our expertise, we can advise you on the type of sealant that suits your doors and windows best. To support you in your renovations, we offer our caulking services in both the residential and commercial areas of Outremont.

We can intervene on a variety of window and door types may they be sliding, in wood, outdoors or indoors, and many more. We also offer window reparation to our customers.

The Importance of a Quality Sealant

Although quick and infrequent, caulking is an essential step in the insolation of your house. Keep an eye out for deterioration in your caulk as it could influence the interior temperature of your home. Doors and windows represent 15% of heat loss in a building; for this reason, the proper insolation represents a significant issue for the comfort of your residence.

Several indicators can warn you of your sealant’s deterioration. Usually, caulking seals can last 15 years but they can start showing signs of damage before that, as soon as the 5th year. After 9 years, detachment becomes common. For this reason, contact renowned professionals to help with your renovations.

This type of weakness happens when the sealant that was used isn’t suitable for the Canadian weather that the city of Outremont experiences. The seals face damaging amounts of stress in winter with significant climate variations.

Before considering a window change, don’t forget to check the state of your caulk to prevent any unnecessary expenses! At Calfeutrage BPRS Inc., we offer aesthetic caulking services to keep your house as elegant as before but with better insulation for the cold winter temperatures you experience in Outremont. We will advise you to choose the sealant which is most suitable for the material of the frame on which it will be applied. We can answer all your caulking needs and offer a quick diagnosis for a cost estimate of our services!

For aesthetic and quality caulking services, don’t hesitate to contact our professionals for help. Our goal is to fully satisfy our clients and to reestablish the comfort of their home in Outremont.

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