For effective caulking, it is essential to choose the right sealant, suitable for different materials and the environment. The sealant must be compatible with the surface to be protected, and will not be the same if the door, window or other is wood, aluminum or metal. The sealant must also be appropriate to the weather conditions, and some of them are guaranteed for extreme temperatures like those we have in Quebec. At CALFEUTRAGE BPRS INC., All our sealants are of excellent quality, whether silicone or polyurethane, and will perfectly meet your needs, whatever they are.

Joints form an important part of doors and windows in a building, but they are also an area of ​​weakness in construction. This is why the sealants must be very resistant, especially in case of fire. Our company is expert in the application of flame retardant sealant, which helps to protect your buildings from combustion by making them hardly inflammable. It is an extremely fireproof and weatherproof substance as well, which has a very important durability.

This type of sealant, affixed to the frame of a door or a window, for example, limits the development of a fire and isolate a certain area of ​​a building. The fire retardant materials we use ignite and melt less quickly in contact with fire, making them ideal for easily combustible materials such as wood.

Flame retardant sealant is one of the most robust and durable, and adapts to any material. Its fire protection properties not only protect the building from fire but also withstand water, cracks or other damage longer.

That's why it's the best solution for maximum insulation and protection of your buildings.